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Chinese pesticides will implement the product QR code

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ChinaPesticideandFertilizerNetworkTime:2015-6-179:57:00Source:AgriculturalResourcesGuideRead:370  OnMay29th,attheFourthSessionoftheNinthChinaNationalPesticideIndustryAssociationheldinYunnan
China Pesticide and Fertilizer Network Time:2015-6-17 9:57:00 Source: Agricultural Resources Guide Read: 370
On May 29th, at the Fourth Session of the Ninth China National Pesticide Industry Association held in Yunnan, the China Pesticide Industry Association drafted the draft guidelines for pesticide products. This rule applies to the processing and exchange of information on goods, trade items, assets, locations, etc. in all stages of the pesticide logistics supply chain.
It is understood that the two-dimensional code of pesticide products is composed of seven information elements. The first is the enterprise code, which is derived from the enterprise code in the pesticide production approval certificate number, which consists of 5 digits. The second is the commodity code, which is assigned by the enterprise to a specific The encoding of the object classification consists of 4 digits, the numbering rules are formulated by the enterprise; the third is the packaging indicator, the packaging level 0 is the item level, usually the default is 0, 1~9 is the packaging level; the fourth is the component code, by 5 The English alphabet indicates that the first two indicate the major category of pesticides, and the last three indicate the specific active ingredients. The composition code of the compound preparation is replaced by the component code with the highest content. When the content is the same, it is determined by the English common name. The fifth is the dosage code, which is represented by the English abbreviated form of the pesticide. The English abbreviation is 3 letters. English abbreviated code, English abbreviated as 2 letters when English abbreviated + "0"; sixth is the toxicity code, represented by 1 decimal digit, 1 indicates highly toxic, 2 indicates high toxicity, 3 indicates moderate toxicity, 4 indicates low Poison, 5 marks microtoxic. The high-toxicity of the medium-toxic drug is marked as moderately poisonous, and the low-toxicity drug is marked as low-toxic; the seventh is the random serial number of the commodity, the serial number contains a continuous number, and only the number is included in this continuous number, by 15 Bit decimal representation.
Secretary General Li Zhonghua of the China Pesticide Industry Association said that the two-dimensional code of pesticide products provides a unique identifier for the pesticide industry in China, and a QR code only identifies one entity object. In addition, the pesticide product QR code is also simple, scalable, confidential and secure.