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The 4th China Hazard Industry HSE High Level Seminar was held in Nanjing

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On May 12, 2014, the CCTV Financial Channel reported that there was a phenomenon of national quadruple card fraud in the market. Many dealers used the national standard three heavy trucks, and even the national standard vehicles were pretending to sell the four vehicles.
On December 8, 2014, “The 4th China Hazard Industry HSE High-Level Seminar” was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. This seminar focused on the theme of process safety. In the morning, Wang Weiguo, Director of the Research Center of the State Administration of Work Safety, was invited to interpret the new “Safe Production”. Law and invited Mr. Wang Yunyun from Dekaida Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to introduce the dust explosion mechanism and safety foundation in the process of agrochemical process, and Zhao Jian, the director of Nantong Factory of Dow AgroScience Agricultural Technology (China) Co., Ltd. The risk and management of the Mn-Zn dust explosion; the afternoon is the topic of change management, which invites experts from Syngenta, Nantong Jiangshan and Lianhua Technology to deal with common problems of change management, good practice norms, pre-drive review after change management implementation, etc. Experience sharing and organizing delegates to discuss and share some key and difficult issues. The seminar was sponsored by China National Pesticide Industry Association, Syngenta (China) Investment Co., Ltd. to support Shanghai Xiangyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.
(Zhu Weijuan)