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Pesticide companies should establish a green and healthy image

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[Introduction · China Pesticide and Fertilizer Network] At present, China's pesticide companies are facing the influx of international pesticide giants, and the homogenization competition in the domestic market is fierce. How can pesticide companies break through the encirclement, reshape the good image and cheer for modern agriculture? It has become an urgent issue for the majority of pesticide companies.
Agriculture is a strategic industry that protects the world and stabilizes the people. Without the modernization of agriculture, there is no national modernization. At present, China's pesticide companies are facing the influx of international pesticide giants, and the homogenization competition in the domestic market is fierce. In particular, a series of drug-related agricultural products incidents in recent years have made the public “talk about the drug”.
How to break through the encirclement of pesticide companies, reshape the good image, and fuel the modern agriculture has become an urgent problem for the majority of pesticide companies. The author believes that pesticide companies should start from the following three aspects.
Transformation and change, and breakthrough. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the safety and environmental protection of agricultural products. China should focus on the development of safe, low-toxic and high-efficiency ecological pesticides. Pesticide companies should also seize the opportunity to vigorously develop green ecological pesticides. Small enterprises can cooperate with upstream and downstream agricultural-funded enterprises to develop, or rely on large and strong, relying on the development of large enterprise groups, and to create a world with differentiated, distinctive and high-quality technologies and services; large enterprises should further extend the industry. On the basis of the integration of production, sales and service of the original drug preparations, the chain enters the original drug intermediates, boldly enters the international high-end competition, and builds up the footsteps to expand upstream and downstream, and builds a green ecological pesticide carrier with its quality brand advantage.
Practicing social responsibility and boosting the safety of agricultural products. The basic requirement of modern agriculture is the continuous increase in production of agricultural products, green security and environmental friendliness. Pesticide enterprises should change their concepts, take the initiative to adapt, and actively shoulder the sacred social responsibility, including strict control of the quality of pesticide products, not allowing counterfeit and shoddy products to enter the market, and not adding illegal toxic pesticide residues. This includes training farmers on safe drug use knowledge, guiding farmers to use science and rational use of pesticides, improving drug use efficiency, and avoiding agricultural product quality and safety accidents caused by improper use. In addition, pesticide companies should also take responsibility for protecting the ecological environment, reduce emissions from the three wastes, take a clean and green sustainable development path, and establish a new image of the industry.
Actively seek state support and leverage development to serve modern agriculture. In the period of transformation and upgrading of the whole industry, the development bottlenecks and difficulties encountered by the pesticide industry cannot be ignored. Enterprises must actively strive for support at the national level and strive to make the country “transfusion” in all aspects of policy, capital and cooperation. Relevant departments of the state may subsidize the production, circulation and use of modern environmentally friendly biological products, reduce the use cost of farmers, expand the use of green pesticides, and provide special funds for technical reforms for the development of environmentally friendly pesticides. Pesticide enterprises are rapidly becoming better and stronger, and promoting the development of modern agriculture.