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Pesticides are not terrible! There are many benefits of scientific use


2022-09-19 11:06

Once upon a time, topics such as pesticide residues and excessive pesticide standards frequently entered the public eye. Consumers once "talked about the discoloration of medicines", as if agricultural products that had been used with pesticides were "toxic". Actually, pesticides are not that scary. "People need to take medicine when they are sick, and plants need to take medicine when they are sick. The reason is the same." Zheng Yongquan, deputy director of the Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that as long as pesticides are used scientifically and rationally, their side effects on the human body are controllable. , and greatly contribute to agricultural production.
The benefits of using science
At present, pests and diseases occur frequently in my country, planthoppers, whiteflies and other pests are rampant, and devastating plant diseases such as rice black-streaked dwarf disease, rice stripe blight, maize rough dwarf disease, tomato yellow leaf curl virus disease are outbreaks. It poses a huge threat to my country's agricultural production. Zheng Yongquan believes that the scientific use of pesticides can ensure the production of food. To ensure that "the Chinese people's rice bowls are firmly in the hands of the Chinese people", in addition to relying on improved cultivation techniques and improved varieties to increase unit output, reducing the loss per unit area is also an important means.
The scientific use of pesticides can also effectively solve the problem of agricultural products from being contaminated by biological toxins. At the same time, during storage and transportation of agricultural products, if they are not treated with preservatives and fresh-keeping, they are easily infected with food-borne disease microorganisms and rot. Consumers eat agricultural products contaminated with Escherichia coli and other diseases, which will cause acute enteritis and other diseases. "Therefore, pesticides can reduce the production of biological toxins and the contamination of food-borne disease microorganisms by controlling the harm of bacteria, and ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products." Zheng Yongquan said.
From low toxicity to low risk
After years of development, pesticides have gone through four stages: low efficiency and high toxicity, high efficiency and high toxicity, high efficiency and low toxicity, and high efficiency, low toxicity and low residue. Now, the pesticides used in agricultural production are no longer the traditional pesticides in the past.
The difference is that the chemical composition and structure are different. Most of them are biomimetic pesticides, and their toxicity is greatly reduced. At the same time, the mechanism of action of pesticides is also different. Now there are new pesticides that affect the energy metabolism and substance synthesis of insects, which have relatively little impact on the human body. And the effect is good and the dosage is small. Zheng Yongquan pointed out that even the same pesticide molecule may cause mutual influence in space, resulting in completely different toxicity mechanisms, causing different degrees of harm to non-target organisms and the ecological environment. At present, chiral pesticides account for about 40% of the existing pesticides. It is very important to decompose, analyze and prevent the risks hidden in the molecules.
The "Action Plan for Zero Growth of Pesticide Use by 2020" formulated by the Ministry of Agriculture proposes, "By 2020, a resource-saving and environment-friendly sustainable pest management technology system will be initially established, the level of scientific drug use will be significantly improved, and the use of pesticides per unit of control area will be established. Control the amount below the average level of the past three years, and strive to achieve zero growth in the total use of pesticides.”
Urgent need for industrialization promotion
Jiang Hongyun, a researcher at the Institute of Plant Protection of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that in the past, farmers used pesticides based on experience, and the accuracy was low. Now, 26 sets of precision drug selection kits have been developed. It is only necessary to capture field pests and put them into the kits and observe their mortality within 1 to 3 hours to determine whether the pesticide is effective, and to track and adjust the drug in real time. This increases the accuracy of drug selection to more than 80%.
The technology is available, but it is not enough to stay in the experimental stage. The key is whether it can be industrialized. Huang Qiliang, a researcher at the Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that through the screening of active ingredients and auxiliaries of high-efficiency and low-risk pesticides, the interaction and synergistic relationship between the formulation components were studied, and the biological activity and safety of the formulation combination were evaluated. A new product of dispersible oil suspension was developed. This new product uses low-risk solvents such as vegetable oil, which can completely replace the harmful solvents of benzene in EC.

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