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My country's pesticide management faces new situation and new challenges


2022-09-19 11:06

On December 16, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs held the National Pesticide Management Work Conference in Beijing, analyzing and summarizing the new situation and challenges faced by my country's pesticide management.
At the meeting, Deputy Minister Zhang Taolin of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs delivered an important speech. He pointed out that to do a good job in pesticide management under the new situation, we must first fully understand the importance and special status of pesticides in the national economy; secondly, we must deeply analyze the new situation facing pesticide management in our country. , new challenges, and further enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency; finally, it is necessary to innovate work ideas, clarify goals and tasks, strengthen responsibility, and do a good job in pesticide management.
Agriculture is the foundation of the national economy. Pesticide is an important material to ensure agricultural production and an important material support for the development of modern agriculture. Its role and status are very prominent. At the same time, the special status of pesticides in the chemical industry chain makes it one of the important components of the national economy.
Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, my country's social and economic development has entered a new stage, and the national industrial development has changed from focusing on quantitative growth to high-quality development. This change also puts forward four new requirements for pesticide management: that is, the concept of green development puts forward the development method of pesticides. The supply-side structural reform has put forward new requirements for optimizing the industrial structure of pesticides; the people's yearning for a better life has put forward new requirements for pesticide residue control; the reform of "decentralization, regulation and service" has put forward new requirements for pesticide management services.
On the other hand, the development of the pesticide industry itself has also brought four new challenges to pesticide management: that is, there are many pesticide production enterprises and products, which brings new challenges to the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the pesticide industry; there are many pesticide business stores, which provide comprehensive supervision and management of pesticides. It has brought new challenges; the large number of pesticide users has brought new challenges to the comprehensive guidance of safe drug use; the pesticide work has many clues, which has brought new challenges to the full performance of duties.
Facing the new situation, new requirements, new problems and new challenges, Vice Minister Zhang Taolin said that in order to achieve high-quality, green development and realize industrial transformation and upgrading, my country's pesticide development must strive to achieve four changes: First, pesticide production must be realized. The transformation from quantity scale to quality and efficiency should pay more attention to the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises; second, pesticide management should realize the transformation from marketing products to optimized services, and pay more attention to the scientific and large-scale pesticide business environment; third, pesticide use It is necessary to realize the transformation from prevention and control effect to high efficiency and safety, and pay more attention to the reduction and efficiency of pesticides and the control of pesticide residues; fourth, the management of pesticides should realize the transformation from administrative examination and approval to whole-process management, and pay more attention to the supervision and service during and after the event.
In addition, according to the requirements of the new development concept, the general goal of pesticide development and management is to achieve "four modernizations", namely, intensive pesticide production; specialized pesticide management; scientific use of pesticides; and modernization of pesticide management. In order to achieve the above goals, practitioners must improve their political positions, firmly establish awareness of risk prevention, strengthen their responsibility, and achieve "six practicalities": that is, to effectively implement pesticide regulatory responsibilities; to effectively manage pesticide administrative approval; to effectively implement pesticides Market supervision; do a good job in scientific and safe drug use guidance; do a good job in guiding the development of the pesticide industry; effectively strengthen the building of pesticide supervision support capabilities.



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