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The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs answers every reporter's question: The rate of resumption of work and production of 1,559 pesticide companies across the country is 83%, and pesticides are generally sufficient for pest control


2022-09-19 11:09

The reporter of "Daily Economic News" asked questions at the press conference: On March 17, the executive meeting of the State Council passed the "Regulations on the Prevention and Control of Crop Diseases and Insect Pests (Draft)", which refined and improved the entire chain of prevention and control systems such as monitoring and forecasting, prevention and control, and emergency response arrangements. , which shows the importance of doing a good job in the prevention and control of major diseases and insect pests this year and stabilizing food production. We learned that from November last year to January this year, the winter corn planting areas of the six provinces of Southwest China and South China continued to monitor the damage of Spodoptera frugiperda. Can the current supply of pesticides and other pesticides in these areas be guaranteed?

In response, Xie Yan, the second-level inspector of the Seed Industry Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, responded that, according to experts' predictions, the pests and diseases in our agriculture this year will be a heavy year. Specifically, wheat is stripe rust and scab. From the perspective of corn, the main diseases are: That's the fall armyworm threat.
Xie Yan introduced that at present, the stripe rust disease of wheat has occurred in 9 provinces in the southwest, Hanshui Basin and the southern part of Huanghuai, more than 10 million mu. In view of this year's situation of heavy pests and diseases, agricultural and rural areas have formulated plans in advance, allocated prevention and control funds in advance, prepared materials, and organized winter and spring prevention and control in time.
As of March 19, the accumulative control area of ​​wheat stripe rust was 12.69 million mu, 1.2 times the occurrence area. The cumulative control area of ​​Spodoptera frugiperda is 770,000 mu, which is 1.26 times the occurrence area. It should be said that the prevention and control are basically done, and some places and some plots have been controlled twice.
"As for the issue of drug use, according to our schedule, the pesticides used for prevention and control are generally sufficient." Xie Yan said, first of all, the resumption rate of 1,559 pesticide companies across the country has reached 83%, and the resumption rate of 250,000 pesticide stores has reached 91%. %, close to the normal level.
Secondly, the urgently needed medicines for wheat stripe rust, scab, and sclerotinia of rapeseed, the 156 pesticide companies involved have resumed work and production rates have reached 94%, and can provide 65,000 tons of pesticides on the road , can meet the needs of pesticides.
Third, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has optimized and recommended 28 types of F. frugiperda pesticides, and the inventory can also meet the control needs of 600 million mu of the same type of pests.
He said: "In the next step, we will focus on fighting disasters to achieve a bumper harvest, consolidate local responsibilities, strengthen monitoring and early warning, and ensure the implementation of various prevention and control measures."


Pesticide resumption rate

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