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The world agricultural activator market is improving


2022-09-19 10:07

【Introduction·China Pesticide and Fertilizer Network】The growing demand for agrochemicals, the development of precision agriculture and conservation agriculture, the increase of farm expenditure, the change of farming methods and technologies due to the reduction of arable land, the introduction of new agrochemical products, the enrichment of agricultural products And increasing crop pest and disease outbreaks are the key factors driving the growth of the global agricultural activators market.
According to the "2019 Global Agricultural Activator Auxiliary Market Report" released recently, the total value of the global agricultural activator auxiliaries market in 2014 was US$1.8314 billion, and it is expected to grow to 24.392% at a compound annual growth rate of 5.9% by 2019. One hundred million U.S. dollars.
In 2014, herbicides led the global agricultural activator adjuvant market, accounting for 49% of the market. By product type, surfactants dominated the global agricultural activation aids market in 2014.
In terms of regions, North America dominates the global agricultural activator market, followed by Europe.
Growing demand for agrochemicals, development of precision and conservation agriculture, increased on-farm spending, changing farming practices and techniques due to shrinking arable land, introduction of new agrochemical products, abundance of agricultural products, and increase in crop pest and disease outbreaks is a key factor driving the growth of the global agricultural activators market. From a global perspective, the use of agrochemicals is driving the growth of the agricultural activators market. Agricultural activation aids will help revolutionize the agrochemical business as they serve as the best tool to help farmers improve applications, use the correct dosage, and achieve more cost-effective, targeted and environmentally acceptable pest control. Agricultural activation aids play an important role in enhancing the performance of most herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Agricultural activation aids also facilitate the design of pesticide dosages for different uses.
The global agricultural activator market is highly competitive. Companies such as Croda (UK), Evonik (Germany), Huntsman (US) are focusing on expanding their market share on a global scale. To gain more market share, these companies are adopting differentiated market strategies that include innovative product development, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, and expansion of existing facilities.

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