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Three major trends in agricultural management in the future


2022-09-19 10:34

[Introduction · China Pesticide and Fertilizer Network] The application of the Internet has improved the service efficiency and changed the service model. Agricultural enterprises and their distributors should adapt to the changing market, form relevant service teams, make good use of the Internet, and truly bring all-round Services are delivered to thousands of households in a timely manner.
In recent years, the competition in the agricultural materials market has become increasingly fierce, stimulating enterprises and dealers to further explore new models of agricultural materials marketing, and the rapid development of the Internet has provided technical conditions and platforms for the new marketing models. Looking forward to the future agricultural management, the following development trends will appear:
1. Chain operation. With the rapid development of the Internet, the large-scale operation of agricultural material chains has also been promoted. At present, more and more agricultural materials chain enterprises are listed to a certain extent, which shows that the direction of agricultural materials management chain is in line with the needs of the market.
What farmers ultimately need is not simply the agricultural products themselves, but to increase production and income through agricultural products. If an enterprise does not consider this factor and pursues profit unilaterally, it will reduce any platform model to a tool and means of making profits. Nowadays, some agricultural material chain enterprises have begun to do chain operations based on the needs of farmers, that is, to fully apply the latest Internet communication technology, build PC and WeChat service platforms, and pay attention to farmers' needs, and promote high-yield crop application technology through chain stores. , to achieve seamless connection of services and ensure the frequency and quality of services; in terms of franchisees, not only unify the brand image, but also fully replicate the service model, and carry out chain-type expansion on the basis of ensuring that the needs of farmers are met. . This model has attracted the general attention of agricultural material dealers, and it will become the mainstream trend of agricultural material chain operation in the future.
2. Service network. For agricultural material dealers, the Internet is a simpler, faster and more efficient service tool. From the perspective of service functions, in the past, the technical staff of agricultural enterprises relied on squatting in the fields to solve the technical problems encountered by farmers; Make the technical guidance perfect and deliver it quickly.
The application of the Internet has improved service efficiency and changed the service model. Agricultural enterprises and their distributors should adapt to the changing market, set up relevant service teams, and make good use of the Internet to truly deliver comprehensive services to thousands of households in a timely manner.
3. Brand unification. With the increasingly fierce competition in the agricultural materials market, brand building has become a necessary means for enterprises to seize the market. Among the many brands, what brand farmers choose has become a foggy view. As enterprises and their distributors, they should think in a different position, starting from the basic needs of farmers, formulate a unified high-yield management plan for crops, and integrate fertilizers, pesticides and other agricultural products in the form of packages to form a unified brand. The brand established on this basis is professional, unified, and strong in service, and will surely be recognized by the common people. For example, a certain enterprise has demonstrated and promoted more than a dozen high-yield crop technology solutions in 10,000 mu high-yield demonstration fields for several years, developed hundreds of directly-operated stores and millions of precise members, and the application area has reached tens of millions of mu. There are no credit sales and zero inventory of agricultural products.



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